Supporting Our Girls As They Succeed.

In our world, many negative messages and stereotypes conveyed daily to our girls. It seems that so many times, the message the girls receive is don’t or you can’t.  Girls On the Run is helping to send a different message. You Can!

This is my third year photographing the Girls on the Run 5K in Rock Hill, SC. I got started when a local girl asked me to come watch her run. In reviewing the photographs from this year’s race, I saw again how excited the girls were, and the sense of joy at finishing the race. They can do anything they decide it achievable. That spirit is infectious. The park downtown Rock Hill was filled with bright and excited young people.

The 5K is the culmination of 10-12 weeks of meetings and training sessions. The girls learn how to face the challenges in our world. Girls from schools from all over our region, and the US participate in this Charlotte-based program.

There was something that I saw that was even more critical to the girls success in my mind. I saw how supportive the adults were. Running alongside, and celebrating at the finish line. The girls are part of a team.  Raising our children requires that connection and encouragement. There were many hugs, and pictures at the finish line, or is it really the starting line for a better life.

If your child ran in this year’s GOTR, and you want any pictures I may have gotten of them, just drop me an email at We will work to identify which pictures (shot some 3800) and I will send them to you in a printable size. This is my way to show support for all their hard work and that of Girls on The Run. Congratulations to all this year’s runners.

Girls On The Run


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  1. Thank you, my pleasure


  2. Such wonderful pictures!! You captured the true essence of our event…thank you!!


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