Man of Certain Age Gets Bendy

I am a man of a certain age, and not particularly bendy. Bendy is how I describe my thirteen-year-old daughter. She flips, rolls, and bends everywhere she goes. I don’t. So this morning I was questioning what was I doing. I signed up for a free introductory yoga session at Yoga in Lancaster.

I tried to imagine what this would be like. I have photographed people doing yoga, so I had the briefest notion of what was going to happen. Yeah, I was going to get tied into a pretzel. I confirmed a room that Lancaster Emergency and had an ambulance on standby. Wonder what those costs will be?

Haley greeted me with a smile and asked if I wanted to be outside or inside? Well, outside would allow the EMS personnel easier access and more room, so outside it was. We walked to the concrete pad in full sun. Luckily, most of the work traffic would have passed already, so maybe no one will see me. Ok, sun salutation, what?

If you are around my certain age, you will remember the yoga woman on PBS. Like me, you twisted the dial towards cartoons in the morning. I have never done yoga before. Yes, Haley, bend here and put my toe there. I am looking for the yellow square for my right foot and the blue square for my hand. How in the world did I end up here? She then asked the question I was glad to hear, want to do some sitting poses?

I dropped down on the ground to a sitting position, later I heard there was an earthquake and lava flow in Hawaii. Not my responsibility, probably. Ok, put my feet together, sole to sole. Really? Really? Heel to heel to start, please. Guys just have no reason to sit in this pose. I tried to imagine a deer hunter in the ground tent, sitting back straight, sole to sole bouncing the knees. I am sure there is a hunter somewhere doing sun salutations up in the deer stand.

Haley had me lay supine, yea, sleep position. 30 more minutes, please! Then it was done. Walking to the car, I stepped up the steps easier, more fluid than before. I felt something. Today was Star Wars day, so maybe it was the Force. More likely, I stretched out some oft unused muscles.

I texted Haley later, and signed up for more yoga. Yes, men of a certain age can do yoga. I think you might like it as well, check out Yoga in Lancaster, you might even find me in a pretzel in the grass. Namaste

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