My Afternoon At AJ Wilderness and Adventure Land, or You Can’t Go That Way

My last visit to the AJMS/HS complex was on the 24th. Easy in and easy out. Took me 30 seconds to find a parking spot and less time to drive out of the lot when I left. It looked kind of like it always has, except for some new parking lot construction.

So today, I am coming back from Lancaster and decided to hand deliver some pictures to a teacher at the school. I pulled into what had become an adventure park. I think tomorrow the gates for tickets will be erected near Hwy 521.

I pulled down into the student parking section, the new one. That is when I saw them, the Black Asphalt Mountain ranges. I parked as close as I could get to the main entrance of the school. I figured I would have to walk some, but, the way to the office entrance was blocked by fences. You can go that way. So I backtrack.

I notice that a famous landmark has been removed and all that is left was some paint chips in the grass. The AJHS rock was GONE.  I climbed to the top of Clay Mountain to survey a path to my destination. There cars and trucks were driving on places where there were no roads. Trek back to the car. Hopeful.

I navigate my self back to Hwy 521 by the breadcrumb feature on my GPS which allows me to see where I have driven recently. I drive down one entrance to enter what is marked for AJMS. I follow the paved road until it ends. I switch on the 4 wheel offroad functions on my c230 and head out on the dirt. Soom I arrive at what I knew as the band entrance, ready to turn into the parking, BUT YOU CAN’T GO THAT WAY.

I turn left and head away from my destination, coming face to face with what must be transformer village. Everywhere huge construction equipment is milling about. I dodge left and right. I make it around to the bus parking, out at the edge of the Adventure Land area. I want to turn right, but you guessed it. BYCGTW might as well make one of those texty types of acronyms. Really NOT ROTFLOL.

SO, I park and get out my hiking boots and gear. I slather my face with sunscreen. Create a waypoint on my Garmin Hiking GPS 3000 so I can find the car again and set out to find the school entrance. Later I did and easily delivered my pictures.

Hiking back to the means of escape, I marveled at how quickly things can change, and while we can grumble at the inconvenience, one day it will be complete. Some may long for the older version of the school, but changes happen. Try and go backward and all I will say is BYCGTW.

BTW, next time I need to go to the school, I am going to park at the Kershaw Post office. quicker and less confusing for this old man.

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