April marks an important time to call attention to the issue of child abuse

Lancaster SC April 25th– Throughout the month of April, Palmetto Citizen Against Sexual Assault s joining thousands across the country in bringing much needed attention to the issues of child abuse intervention and prevention. On April 25th, PCASA will host a Denim Day event at the Historic Courthouse on April 25th to raise local awareness. The Attorney General Alan Wilson will be the Keynote Speaker.

Denim Day was organized after a 45 year old driving instructor appealed to have his rape conviction of a 17 year old girl overturned, claiming her jeans were too tight for him to have removed by himself. The Italian Supreme Court agreed and overturned his conviction. The Italian Legislators took to wearing Jeans as a protest against the ruling, and Denim has become the symbol of sexual assault awareness. If you support this, we ask that you wear denim on April 25th, to help raise awareness.

As an active member of this community dedicated to helping childrenPCASA is not only drawing attention to this issue by promoting the Denim Day campaign, but is also conducting a number of other activities on a local level to recognizes the importance of awareness raising and community education surrounding the subject of child abuse. By working in the school to raise awareness, and coordinating with multiple local agencies, PCASA is helping daily to reduce the incidence of Child Abuse.

Lancaster County Councilwoman and Executive Director Charlene McGriff believes that our local community should become more educated about the benefits of this process and how to recognize signs of abuse. During the month of April, the issue of child abuse will be at the forefront of national discussions and we can only hope that our fellow citizens will pay attention as much needed light is shed on this issue.

For more information on how to get involved in local events related to National Child Abuse Prevention Month, please call 803-286-5232



Palmetto Citizens Against Sexual Assault: PCASA is the Child Advocacy Center for the Lancaster, Chester, and Fairfield County areas. They work in coordinated efforts with Law Enforcement, Solicitors, Department of Social Services, Lancaster County School District, Department of Juvenile Justice and other agencies to share and enhance efforts at ensuring the child’s emotional health and reducing trauma during the investigation process, and to ensure the highest quality therapeutic care to further reduce traumatic reactions.


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