“Dad Helpp”

The text buzz kept going off. I sat up to check it. I had just dropped my birthday girl of a 13 year old daughter at school. “There is a shooting”. Time stopped in that moment.

You think it will not happen to you, but you never know. Today was my day to deal with a locked down school with my daughter inside, out of my reach.

I drew back to the active shooter training that LCSD had done at AJHS recently. I knew what to tell my scared little girl. I used the checklist to make sure she was in a locked room and safe.

I rushed out of the house and up to Havelock Middle. The police were just rolling in. Two minutes later, the all clear was called throughout the school.

Apparently no shooter was on campus, just an angry student who had a issue with the school.

I am very grateful to the LCSD for the active shooter training. Though my child attends a school 6 hours away, the training came with me. I hope I will never have to draw on it again, but if needed, I have it.

She was all smiles at lunch at the Mexican restaurant. That is a smile I want to see forever

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