The Complacency Of Group Think

Recently there has been much discussion on a variety of topics affecting the world. What has gotten done? It is taking more and more to shock us, to draw us into an issue. The more dramatic or horrific something is, the more we attend to it.

The solutions we envision are often the same old rhetoric that we have trotted out time and again. I recall a rash of Facebook posts a couple of years ago that all asked the same question. “When you say you are praying for me, do you?”

In the news business, you learn early that your work has a very short half-life. Tomorrow it will be a fish wrap. You can write or photograph the best work you have ever done, and bang, it is old news. Yet that is not the problem, complacency is the problem.

Take the whole issue of child abuse. 1 in 4 to 1 in 6 children are sexually abused in our country every day. In South Carolina, in 2013 the number of children reported to Child Advocacy Centers was 2164, for a six month period between January and June.

“Well my thoughts and prayers are with them.” is the response to this stat. Why? because it is no longer dramatic or startling. In effect, it no longer matters. Advocates push hard for people to get involved and to care again. It is a tough assignment.

When we blindly follow the crowd and say the same thing everyone else is saying, we reinforce our own complacency. When you look at the students in Florida, and their efforts at change, and are uncomfortable, check your six. Some of the people are not going to just offer thoughts and prayers. Nor should they.

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