The Princess Die Aries

The play “The Princess Die Aries” was performed at a Murder Mystery Dinner at USCL’s Bradley Center on Friday Night. The Play was written by Joe Timmons, and features familiar characters from beloved movies. The characters learn quite a bit about each other, and the audience gains a lot of backstory information about the characters. When two are killed, it becomes a whodunnit. Delightful, and filled with laughs. The evening was never dull and kept guests on the edge of their seats.

Chris Smith as the Herald
Catherine Foo as Snow White
Troy Dunbar as Pete Charming
Stephanie Catoe as Rose
Catherine Wallace as Red Queen
Genni Tiffany as Ursula
Catie Rowell as Evil Queen
Leon bridges as Fluenda
Donnie Sims as Prince Charming number 2

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