The voters of the panhandle have spoken, and the incorporation of Indian Land has failed by more than 7200 votes. Voters cast 1,853 ballots for incorporation and 9,086 against. Overall the turnout was about 42%. Indian Land will remain an incorporated area of the county.


The results are unofficial, but there is little doubt with only 17% of residents voting for incorporation and 83% rejecting it. The efforts by the Voters for the Town of Indian Land had to collect 3200 signatures to get the process started, a bit more than half that number voted for the effort.

It is unclear what actions will come now that a multiyear process has failed. One unintended consequence is that Lancaster County did gain another municipality, that of Van Wyck. For the other communities in the county, the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST Funds) will remain as in years past within their communities.

Now is the time to begin the work of hammering out some cooperation within the county systems. The concerns of those 1853 voters are still going to be valid in the morning. A different process of change and some negotiations with the county may be able to help address those concerns. We live in a democracy and while the voters have said NO, we are still neighbors and friends.

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