The Value of Honoring

To honor those who have died is a noble thing. As a parent of two children who have died, I am reassured of the humanity of others when I see them take consideration of others. Yesterday, I saw the young people in our county make that effort to honor others.

Nationally young people are rising up and sending a message to adults. They want us to do something, to protect them. I applaud their efforts. Each generation has had those who stood up. Bravo, get involved, and be part of the solution.

In Lancaster County, the young people sat in the hallways and listened to the names of the 17 children who were killed at Parkland. They paid honor to those lives. Young people who get lost in the debates over what we should do. Thank you for being willing to use those seventeen minutes to learn more about them.

I have heard there have been detractors to the way the students acted, and that they did not go outside. I have heard more about how special and appropriate what they did was. What may be missed is that they did walk out (into the hall), they did spend the seventeen minutes in an activity related to Parkland and the need for safe schools. There process was different. Their voices and actions are no less impactful.

Our county is a strong family. We joined together to help with the AJMS fire and answered the call for help in many needs of our students. We rally around and pitch in to help when the calls for help go out. We are #Lancasterstrong as Superintendent Johnathan Phipps has said. Let us never lose that bond we all share. Thank you to the student for remembering the young people lost, Thank you to the administrators, teachers and staff who helped make it possible. Thanks to the parents for raising honorable children. Thank you from Sara and Chandler’s dad.

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