4 Penalty Scores Bring Vols Victory

The Andrew Jackson Volunteers Boys defeated the Lancaster High Bruins in the Lancaster High Stadium 6-4 in overtime. At the end of regulation on the frigid field, the score was 2-2. Neither team could score in the two 5-minute overtime periods, so the play continued in penalty kick phase. Lancaster scored 2 penalty kicks and AJ scored 4 penalty kicks bringing the final score to 6-4.

The Bruins took the early lead and seemed in control of the game. The players were able to take the ball away from the Vols and move it toward the goal. They were effective in passing the ball. The Vols seemed to be playing catch up during the first half of the game. Coach Alex Tarque made a change in the player placements and increased the strikers by one. Once that change was made, the Vols found space to play and quickly tied up the score.

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