A Community Of Love For Madie

Madie Debruhl is facing challenges daily. She has been battling Host vs Graft syndrome related to her bone marrow transplant. Madie was born with chronic neutrophilic leukemia. CNL is a rare form of leukemia that effects adults 65 and older.


A bone marrow transplant from her brother, Rylan, saved her life, and rid her of leukemia. She developed Graft and Host disease. This disease occurs as the new bone marrow cells attack the recipient’s cells. The new cells recognize the host cells as invaders. The reaction is a serious complication.

The treatment is finding the right combination of medications to reduce the reaction. Madie is struggling hard to survive this complication. The community is fighting hard to bring her support in the battle.

The Rich Hill Fire Department was filled with red cloth covered tables. The side tables were filled with cakes and a spaghetti dinner. The sound of glasses being filled with ice and utensils clanging echoed in the truck bay. A volunteer came towards the large glass doors with 6 bags of dinners for a couple waiting near the door.

Madie and her mother talked for a few minutes. Madie was noticeably quiet, and let her mother, Monica, explain the medical details. “She is immunocompromised right now, so she is having to be homeschooled,”  Monica said. “We are hopeful that she will be able to go back to school soon.” Madie attends Andrew Jackson Middle School.

I asked Madie what she liked to do best right now, and she pointed to a young child being held nearby.  It is a family member that she enjoys playing with. The smile that she had when indicating the young girl was a beautiful sight. In our few minutes, Madie showed that youthful shyness that one expects of a middle schooler being interviewed. One is reminded how much she is facing her difficult path with strength.

This spaghetti fundraiser will not completely cover the bills and needs of Madie and her family. The donations are just part of what this event was about. The larger gift is that of the love for Madie by her community. Team Madie magnets and tee shirts were available at the event.


You can be part of the Team as well. Team Madie Facebook Page

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