Lessons From A Cat Owner About Relationships

That is a rather lofty headline to live up to so I will do my best. I got on Twitter this morning and was reading some of the Tweets, and they started me thinking about some cats I have had in my life. I will say, I am not opposed to dogs. My wives, (yes plural), were all cat people, so we had cats.

The first thing I learned is you can’t tell a cat anything and expect them to even consider it. The only time “come here” worked was with tuna in my hand.

Cats pretty much go where they want, not where we want. Unless you are carrying them, and that is just fine with them.

Cats will only eat what they want, not what you want them to eat.

I am not going for an exhaustive list here, but I want to focus on one aspect. Cats can be worked with, but it takes patience and an understanding of the cat. So, how do I relate this to the Tweets? It seemed this morning as if it was everyone else who has been treating the US unfairly. Blame to everyone, except us. If industry and trade are what we want, will blame and force make it work? Remember the cat.  How did all those other countries get those industries, they had tuna in their hand, and the cat went to them.

I don’t recall any other nation threatening the US for us to give up trade to them. I guess I don’t see enough of making an inviting nation that welcomes industry. I think we are trying to give the cat a bath, and hoping not to get scratched. Good Luck With That.

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