Kershaw Auction House Filled for Kershaw Park on Sunday Night.

You enter the auction house to the sounds of local country singer, Beau Beaumont strumming, and singing. The room filled quickly, with just a few seats left. Items donated to be sold line the front of the room. Vacuums, computers, even a set of antique irons are up for bid.


The auctioneer starts off with the first item and for the next 3 hours, he does not stop. The Jeep Grand Cherokee sold for $1500. A bread maker brought $15. Item by item, the dollars rolled in to benefit The Kershaw Park.


This was a special auction in which all the proceeds going to the park project. This money combined with grants and many other donations are helping to fund a rebuild of the Haile Gold Mine Playground.

The Build is set to begin on March 16th, with a grand reopening of the park on March 30th. Donations can still be made. Information can be found at

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