What a Start! Some Thoughts.

When Jim died, I felt not only his loss, but the loss of the news. Somehow over the years, the journalist bug bit me and I became infected. I started to see photos first as the photojournalist, and then with writing, it just grew.

When the News Era stopped even for the week, I was lost and stopped also. Jim had heaped some praise on me the week of his passing. He did not often do that. I felt that obligation to carry on. In the beginning it felt like leaping off the cliff. That was  December 1st of 2017. Seems like yesterday.

What started as a simple blog has blossomed. In this first three months I have watched the stats on the site. I am amazed at the growth. From 1 view in November of 2017 to now with over 7,000 views in February of 2018, I am speechless, and for a writer, that is not good. I own many thanks to those who share and like the articles. But that is just a number, what does it mean?

Before I started, I did some research, and found that digital publishing of news was the next wave of the future in journalism. The New York Time, Reuters, and Forbes have led the way. In fact some studies report that 83% of today’s news consumers get their news digitally.  So cellphones have become the way to get your news.

It has long been known that older print models were becoming harder and harder to maintain. We have seen the changes even here in Lancaster County. Across the state of South Carolina, smaller newspapers are closing as ad revenue dwindles. Classified and business advertising is the bread and butter of the print media.

With Amazon, eBay and Facebook, the need to buy an ad has become almost antiquated.  Some have asked if I will print a paper version of the Pantagraph. The answer is no. The cost of starting that up, would be difficult to recover in the current market. Will some not be able to access the Pantagraph, sure.

I am not here to replace the Kershaw News Era. I am not here to compete with the Lancaster News. I am here to offer the additional information, the alternative way to view the news.  The 7000 views means that someone, many someones are reading the articles. I am on target with what I am doing.

I reflect at times, would this be what Jim would have wanted me to be doing?  I would like to think he would approve. I hear it in his voice in the last words he sent to me

“David, meant to shoot you a note yesterday, but some other things interfered. Appreciate you making it to the council meeting and then delivering maybe you best meeting account yet. Just remember, your articles are the best way from people down here to learn what county government is doing countywide, not just for the southern end, although that is our main concern. Jim”

Will do Jim, Will do.

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