Gov. McMaster Speaks at Joint Rotary Luncheon in Lancaster.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster spoke about the need to cut taxes and strengthen the economy during a combined Rotary Luncheon held at the Bundy building at USCL on Thursday.  The Governor spoke for about 30 minutes and then took questions from the attendees.

The Governor praised efforts to improve the state. “South Carolina is the way to the top. It is all paying off. It seemed to me that it was in the 60’s when we started to gain some traction”. He spoke about the efforts that we must do to keep improving. “I believe we must help our neighbors, but if we have able-bodied people who are able to work, I don’t believe they should be receiving government benefits. I think we need to have a good test, a good way to see. We want to help you, but if you are able to work, let’s go to work.”

McMaster spoke of the connection of education to finding a job that will lift people out of poverty. He spoke of the President’s tax cut to the people and how the money would be spend to help boost the economy in a supply side ecomonic fashion. In his plans are a tax cut to South Carolina residents. “North Carolina has done it, we can do it.”

He spoke about safety in school and indicated his belief that there be a trained commissioned law enforcement officer in the school anytime the school is open and that that officer would be armed with a rifle. When asked if he would support arming teachers, he said there was a bill to allow teachers to carry firearms. “I would sign it.”

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In talking more about the ways to help reduce school violence, McMaster said. “It is a short-term and a long-term problem. We need to stop him or her at the door. But the better answer is to go deep, go into the society. The next step down would be to have people who can spot those kinds of disturbances before they get to the schoolhouse before they make that decision. But it ultimately goes back to families, strong families, two-parent families in the traditional household that are raising children to be strong.”



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