The Moment You Have Been Waiting For.

It is a moment that you wait for, work for, and plan for. The moment when you raise your hand after your name has been called, that moment when you finally know that the crown is yours, and all the hard work has paid off. For this years’ entrants into the Miss Lancaster and Miss Kershaw pageant, those moments await them on Saturday evening at 7:00 pm in USCL’s Bundy Auditorium.

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The Miss Lancaster pageant is the longest continuing preliminary pageant in South Carolina.  Many will remember the pageant as the work of Susan Connelly, who was the Miss Lancaster pageant director for over 60 years.


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Susan Connelly


The Miss Lancaster pageant is the preliminary pageant for the Miss South Carolina. The winner of Miss South Carolina then competes in the Miss America pageant. For the contestants and parents, planning begins long before the pageant.

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The work of pageants is an everyday effort. The dress and other outfits are parts of the whole package. As one parent put it. “If my daughter is not maintaining her behavior, and attitude every day, she is not walking on the stage. She has to represent the community, and that is in or out of the crown.” It is that part of the pageant process that is not seen. The transformation into upstanding women striving to make a difference in the world.

The pageant has several components, Evening Gown, Casual Wear, and Interview. The judges are trained and certified by the Miss America Organization. The Miss Lancaster pageant is one of the only pageants that is allowed to include the younger age groups. Not so many years ago, the pageant was expanded to include the Kershaw area.

Four titles will be awarded on Saturday Night’s pageant, Miss Lancaster, Miss Lancaster Teen, Miss Kershaw and Miss Kershaw Teen. The event starts at 7:00 pm. The young woman raising her hand on Saturday may just be your new Miss America one day. Or a young woman may one day represent the Lancaster area in State House.


Miss Lancaster50

Mandy Powers




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