Active Shooter in Parkland Fla School

News is flowing out of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office twitter feed  @browardsheriff 

There is an active shooting situation at the school. The Broward County School district indicated it occurred near dismissal time at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Students heard what sounded like gunshots, and the school was locked down. Students are being dismissed now.

“So far we have at least 14 victims. Victims have been and continue to be transported to Broward Health Medical Center and Broward Health North hospital.”  

Shooter in custody

Broward County Schools superintendent Robert Runcie confirmed there were numerous fatalities, but couldn’t confirm the number.


Editor’s note: Watching the news channels and everyone try and break the latest news is not our way. Correct as possible is how I will do this news, so my source is directly from the source, not speculation of hearsay. This was evident in the Broward co sheriff having to take time to correct some rumors that had been broadcast. 

Feature picture is from CBSN news of a photo taken inside the school during lockdown

Updates as possible

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