Making the Leap to a Dream

Karli Nunnery made a huge leap towards her dream is to be an English teacher, by signing paperwork for a cheerleading scholarship at Limestone College on Wednesday morning in the Andrew Jackson High School media center.


Karli becomes the first Andrew Jackson High School student to be signed on a cheerleading scholarship to Limestone. At the last major competition, Karli was not expecting to be recruited by any colleges. She was seen by the coach from Limestone and was approached to sign a scholarship.


Karli got to tour the campus and liked what she saw. “I really like the campus. I want to graduate with an education degree. I want to teach high school English.”



As part of the Andrew Jackson Varsity Cheer Squad, Karli has been a fixture in cheer both in middle school and high school, and is part of a cheer team outside of school as well. For the past three years Karli has gone  to Orlando Florida for “Worlds” (championships for competitive cheer). “That was the highlight of my competitive cheer career.”


Chris Nunnery said of his daughter. “I’m super proud. She is so driven. If adults were as half as driven as she is, the would would be a whole lot better place to live in. She stays after school to practice and drives an hour and a half for more practice and gets home at 10:30 at night. Her grades do not reflect any of that, because she is at the top. She gets all her work done.”

Karli was part of the AJ homecoming court that raised $29,000 for the Kershaw Area Resource Exchange.


Kelly Nunnery, Karli’s mom, added that “Karli is a different child, her work ethic is incredible, she is very determined and dedicated. She is just an exceptional child and student.. She is going after her dreams. She has always dreamed of going further in her education. She wants to be a teacher, which was very surprising.


Karli is part of the AJ Dance Focus program, and has performed in many dances over the years. “Of all the dances I liked this year’s Veterans Day dance. It was meaningful, and I was a lead in that. We made it and based it on what it was like to be a family of a veteran. It was hard for some of the people in class, so it made me want to be better.”


Karli auditioned and won a part in the Columbia City Ballet production of The Nutcracker.


Josh Bowers, an English teacher at AJ has been a mentor to Karli throughout her high school career.  “It is incredible. I taught Karli in her 9th grade year and recognized immediately that there was immeasurable potential. And now to worked with Karli, even when she was not my student, it has been wonderful to watch.the degree to which Karli has grown.

Hard work, dedication, drive and an infectious smile, Karli has all of these. There is no doubt that she will go far and high in all her leaps to come.  Good Job Karli!

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