Post 915 or Legacy Roads addressed at County Council meeting on Monday.

The Lancaster County Council met on Monday the 22nd of January for their regular January meeting.  Presentations were made by the Reid Point HOA and the Ashley Glen HOA. Their presentations were related to the roads that are in each subdivision possibly being added to the county road system. The roads were listed in a series of roads that were due to be dropped from consideration at the end of 2017 unless the developer requested an extension. Neither developer from Reid Point or Ashley Glen could be located. The Homeowner Associations of each subdivision appeared at the council to request an extension.

The Council members questioned if one of the subdivision’s roads were legacy roads vs Post 915 roads. The Ashley Glen roads were complete as early as 2007, and thus would likely not be considered as a post 915 road. The Reid Point HOA has obtained a letter of credit and is prepared to take on the developer’s process to get their roads included in the county system. A motion was made to move the discussions to the I&R committee and then to move to Administration committee. The vote was unanimous.

Council passed third reading on ordinance 2017-1487 which rezoned property owned by Jackie Jordan.  The 3rd reading of Ordinance 2017-1488 regarding rezoning property owned by Branbro Investments, LLC also passed. Council passed 2nd reading of Ordinance 2018-1492 regarding an amendment to the UDO regarding signs.

The Council agreed to donate a surplus ambulance to the Lancaster School District. The ambulance was taken out of service due to the patient compartment no longer met DHEC regulations. The School District’s LearnTV has an older ambulance that is no longer operational, and surplus ambulance would be used as a mobile command room.

The Council also approved 2nd reading of Ordinance of 2018-1489 regarding an amendment to the PDD-20.

The next County Council Meeting will be on Monday, February 12th. 2018 at 6:00pm.


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