A Ray of Sunshine

Railey Hegler, Little Miss Lancaster 2017,  brought a Ray of Sunshine to Palmetto Citizens Against Sexual Assault today and presented the counseling office with a collection of stuffed animals. The animals will be given to children who come to the center for interviews or when they start counseling. A simple stuffed animal can be one of the first kind things a child receives as they speak out about abuse.

2018-01-25 17.16.01

Railey had a few minutes to chat with Charlene McGriff, the Center’s Executive Director.

It is through meaningful efforts to care for others, that children learn to embrace those who have needs. Who benefited from this act of Railey’s? Everyone. The children who will receive the stuffed animals, The center who can see that the community cares, Railey, as she learns the joy of giving and helping. The county benefits as well as there can never be darkness as long as there is a ray of sunshine.

Facebook page for Railey Hegler

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