Chinquapin Ladies are Steel Magnolias

CHINQUAPIN- I must tell you there has been a lot going on down at Truvys. Shelby came by today for a hair appointment for her upcoming wedding. She is going to have baby’s breath put into her hair if you can imagine. All the girls were in agreement, except her mother, M’Lynn, who thought it was such nonsense. But Shelby was not to be denied. Annelle, Truvy’s new stylist, took great care of M’Lynn’s hair, done it up right for a new girl, a bit young you know, but she will do.



Carly Robinson as Annelle, Timisha Collins as Truvy, and Crys Henderson as Shelby


Clairee stopped in and brought some recipes and tasty treats. No one could resist just a taste. Shelby had a spell and got kind of angry, but M’Lynn assured everyone she just needs juice. Shelby has diabetes, you know. Truvy got all the baby’s breath in her hairdo, and Shelby just glowed. Ouiser came by to complain like she always does. Something about all the blooms being gone from her magnolia tree, and that M’Lynn’s husband shooting was causing her dog’s hair to fall out.



Ouiser-Joyce Mahaffey complains behind Shelby


Shelby told everyone about the plans for adopting a baby because the doctors told her she “should” not get pregnant. Everyone was concerned because of Shelby’s diabetes except Shelby.



M’Lynn-Heather Turner has hair done by Annelle


Oh, I could share much more of the “gossip”, but you really need to stop by Truvys. The shop will be at 610 E. Meeting street the next two weeks. Truvy said she will be open on January 26 and 27, and February 1, 2, and 3rd at 7:30 pm and on the 28th at 3pm. I think she is going back to Chinquapin on the 4th.



Clairee- Karen Lee shared recipes with Truvy


The wonderful folks over at The Community Playhouse of Lancaster County have been super helpful in bringing the ladies and items from the shop to Lancaster so Truvy can share with everyone. Shari Marvin has been directing all of it, she is so sweet.

Now they are going to charge a small fee for coming in, to cover building rent and all,  I am sure. I heard Truvy say it was $10 for adults, and if you were getting close to Ouiser’s age or a student, or was it a student Ouiser’s age it was $8. I asked her and she said it was someone 55 and older OR a student for $8. I guess it could be both, I don’t know. Oh, and kids would be $5 to come watch some ladies get their hair done and gossip, er. talk about the goings-on.

“I expect to see you there!” said Ouiser. I would not argue with that woman if you know what is good for you. I will see you there, and we will catch up.


Community Playhouse of Lancaster County presents
Steel Magnolias written by Robert Harling
Directed by Sheri Marvin
January 26 & 27 @ 7:30 PM
January 28 @ 3 PM
February 1-3 @ 7:30 PM

Performance in Barr Street Auditorium
610 E Meeting St
Lancaster, SC 29720

$10 Adults
$ 8 Senior (55 and Older)
$8 Student
$5 Kids (10 and Under)

Tickets available at Lancaster County Council of the Arts
Or purchase them at the Door.

Special Arrangements by Samuel French INC.


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