Painting What People Understand

by David Kellin

LANCASTER-The mill home is a relic of a bygone era. Textile mills would create communities of small home for the mill’s workers. Walt Simpson has captured the simple beauty of these home. A collection of his paintings grace the walls of the Springs House in Lancaster, SC. It seems fitting that the collection of paintings hang in the home of one of the Springs Mill owners.

Simpson is a computer graphic design instructor at York Tech. He earned a Master of Fine Art and Graphic Design at Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009. His work is part of many private collections that include Richland Memorial Hospital, University of South Carolina, and Winthrop University. His work has been displayed in numerous exhibits and show throughout the years.

“I am a visual artist, graphic designer and educator living in South Carolina. My artwork depicts images of houses, landscapes and animals inspired by outsider and comtemporary art.” said Simpson. I got started when a friend asked me to draw his house, that got me interested.”


He describes his work as down home.  “My parents told me to do what people will understand.” He strives to keep his work familiar and simple. “They reflect a time in the U.S. society with smaller cost of living, less room or need/access formaterial things and a smaller impact on natural resources.

Several pieces reflect on a combinations of houses and flag motifs. These were developed around the time of 9/11. and he found the symbolism of the homes and the flag spoke to the communities we all live in that form our country.

Simpson’s art reminds us that there were simpler times when communities were not just where you lived, but where you worked.


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Pat Clancy with her newest art purchase and Walt Simpson, the artist.

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Walt Simpson


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  1. I really like the approach that Walt has taken, and I like the message. It is a very interesting set of subjects and, I certainly relate to most of them. As I look at specific art pieces which he has done; I find myself pausing, reflecting on a similar moment that I experienced an image of same subject matter in my past. The work is timeless. Congratulations !


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