Town officials propose buying the County Recreation building.

KERSHAW-A new twist is developing in the Recreation and Steven’s Park story. According to a source from Lancaster County Government and confirmed in today’s Lancaster News, the Town of Kershaw approached the I &R committee with a request to buy the County Recreation Building on the northern end of Matson street. This would allow them to remove the building and create an entrance to the new business park. The hope was that the County would move the recreation services to Steven’s Park.

This comes on the heels of efforts to have the county assume some financial responsibility for the park. A park that the Town of Kershaw, now wishes to keep, but needs County funds to help maintain it.

There was no immediate resolution to the issue, and before any decisions could be made, the whole of the issue would have to be studied. In order for a move to happen, the County would have to sell the recreation center at a loss, and then have to have a new building to relocate into.  Suggestions to have that new building placed in the Steven’s Park area were not well received according sources close to the discussion.

The approach to the I&R committee happened the day before the Recreation Committee meeting that was held in Steven’s Park. The plan to approach the I&R committee was not discussed at the special Town Council Meeting held earlier this month.

The central issue becomes how to create an entrance to the business park. Below are some pictures and google map images of the area



Fall Rd is a dirt road leading into the Business park area. The blue roof and white roof building is the County Recreation center



Google Map of the area.





Entrance to Recreation center.




Fall Rd. from Bypass




Fall Rd. as it turns into where the Business Park will be constructed.




Railroad Ave. from Bypass. There are at least17 structures on Railroad Ave. with the railroad crossing at the northern end of the avenue.




Matson Street/ bypass facing towards Hwy 521/ Hampton street





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