Billie’s smile

The smile that she had was infectious. When I walked into the News Era, she always had that smile. I can’t remember a time when I saw or ran into Billie when she was not smiling. I remember the last one, but not the first. The last one was about three weeks ago when I stopped by the News Era for my last check. In spite of all the challenges of life, she was still smiling.

Billie and Tim attended the church where I attended. It was clear that she and Tim were a close team. To know one was to know the other. I wish there was some cute story or memory that I could share. I think it is too early, maybe in days to come.

Billie Deaton has died. Now we must share all the smiles she has given to each of us. Rest easy, Miss Billie and say hello to Jim for us.

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  1. Nice tribute,David. Very sweet lady. Too much sadness lately.


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