New “Yoga In Lancaster” Classes begin

LANCASTER- Coming back from India, Haley Elizabeth Williams has a dream. She wants to bring Yoga in Lancaster to people of all ages. She had begun to offer 2- 45-minute classes each week. In her first classes, she had 5 participants. She is hoping to build to be able to offer classes 4-7 days per week.  “I want to bring yoga from India here, but it is going to be a slow process.”  The classes are being held at I2A fitness at 724 S. Main St. in Lancaster.


Yoga is a broad term to describe a system of stretches and poses that work to increase muscular strength and emotional wellbeing. “The harder you work, the clearer the mind is.  We begin with grounding, in a comfortable seated way, or cross-legged, or on their knees, whatever is most comfortable. From there, you rub your palms together to give yourself some warmth, then on to warming up the spine. We either warm up the body from the toes up or do two rounds of sun salutations. After warmups, then I lead in poses for 20-25 minutes, then to cooling back down session with the same movements that the session started with, and the 10-minute calming period of Savasana [laying flat on back]”


“Here is different than in India. In India, there are the set poses we do.  There is a form called Yin Yoga. There are about 25 poses. And you hold each for a period of time.”


Williams is working on a chair routine for those who might have difficulty getting up and down off the floor. “I went to India with my yoga instructor. I got my 200-hour certification in Charleston on June 18th, 2017, and she invited me to travel with her to India to get our 300-hour certification. From December 1st to the 29th, from 6am to 7pm, we were doing yoga training. They drilled it into us for a month. It was really intense. It was a lot different than in the west. If they decide to do yoga, it is a lifelong commitment.”


Williams got interested in yoga in August 2015, and was wowed. “I self-taught, and it was like, I can teach this.”  The following year, I started looking into it and found Barefoot Yoga Studio in Charleston, and she had the 200-hour certification training program. It is a basic yoga training course.”

“I would like to do yoga full time, even if I don’t own a studio, this is what I really want to do.”


Yoga in Lancaster Classes -Tuesdays 5pm and 6pm, 45 minutes classes

I2A fitness Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 7:30 am, 8:00 am, 6pm, and 7pm

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