BLACK ICE, Best to stay home tonight

Today’s weather brings a huge risk for black ice. The term is slang for patchy spots of transparent ice. The transparent nature makes it nearly impossible to see before you are driving on it.

The temperatures below freezing all day today, and forecast to drop into the teens tonight sets the stage. The melting snow and, in the case of Kershaw today, rain puts lots of water in the streets, steps, and areas of travel. As the temperatures drop, that water can freeze clear.

Black Ice

Some may reason that the brine and salt will protect against that. It will reduce the chances of ice, but not remove it completely. Your steps, parking lots, sidewalks and less traveled roads are at high risk. Especially of they are untreated.

Also, the salt and brine can dilute during the day, and it loses effectiveness when the temperature drops into the teens, as forecast tonight.

How to cope with the risks.

1. Slow down, slow down, slow down. Speed and ice are deadly. Slow allows you the time to react.

2. Use main roads as much as possible. Give many more car lengths of space between you and the car ahead.

3. STAY OFF ROADS unless emergent.

4. Remember that it takes just a tap on the brakes when you are on the ice to break the traction between tire and ice. At that point, you lose control of your vehicle.

5. Stay Home and reduce your risk, and the risk of the emergency responders who have to be out. One less vehicle on the road improves the outcome for all.

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