Improving Your Photos-Part 2 -Light

The most basic element and most important to your photography is light. For our discussion today, I am going to speak of non-flash types of light.

Devin Senior shots 20170163

Subtle light and shadows add drama to the portrait.

Natural light from the sun is the most basic light. As you start to see the photo in front of you, and before you use your camera, look for the light. See how it highlights and what it doesn’t. You will find that too much light, and the image washes out, and not enough light, and details are lost.


Use of light can define a picture even in a low light situation. In the picture above, the light from the field lights, highlighted the strands of hair in a pleasing fashion. Shots like this come from learning how to see.

You must take time to look and see the light without you camera. See first, then capture.

Look at the pictures above and see the light and how it interacts with the person being photographed. You can see that it is the interplay between light and shadows. Light is a very broad subject as it relates to photography, much more than this article can cover. Start by coming to see light in your life and world. The more you study light, the better your photographs will be.

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