Driveways, Founders and UDO

Lancaster County Council met on Monday January 8th for their first meeting of 2018. They had a relatively short agenda for the meeting. In the consent agenda, the council passed third reading to 2017-1485, which introduced the following text amendments to the UDO.

Any  road  or  driveway,  whether  publically  or  privately maintained  that serves as the sole access for  three (3) or  more permanent residential or business structures must be named.


 For   private drives   accessing more than two lots or more than   two single-family residences, the road shall meet the private drive standards as follows:

  1. No more than five lots may be assessed by a newly created private drive.
  2. Each lot must have a minimum of 25 feet ingress/egress easement to be maintained by the property owner. The travel way must be at least 20 feet wide with gravel four inches deep. In addition, the first 25 feet of the drive must be 20 feet wide and paved when the private drive adjoins a paved drive.
  3. Vehicle turnarounds must be provided at the end of all dead end private drives or other alternative approved by the Fire Marshal.
  4. The sub divider is responsible for obtaining a permit to access a state maintained road.
  5. The unpaved private drive must be shown on a Final Plat and must meet all the criteria for a Final Plat.
  6. Commercial private drive    must   comply   with   private road standards.


Council also approved by a vote of 6-1 extending the fee agreement with Founders Federal. The ordinance was entitled “APPROVE THE EXTENSION OF THE INVESTMENT PERIOD UNDER THE FEE AGREEMENT DATED  SEPTEMBER 14,  2009 BY  AND BETWEEN LANCASTER  COUNTY AND FOUNDERS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION; TO AUTHORIZE AND APPROVE AN INVESTMENT PERIOD EXTENSION AND INFRASTRUCTURE CREDIT AGREEMENT PROVIDING FOR, AMONG OTHER THINGS, SPECIAL SOURCE REVENUE CREDITS IN CONNECTION WITH THE EXTENSION.”. Jack Estridge voted against the Ordinance. Founders had sought to include investments made after the original fee agreement lapsed, under the prior agreement by seeking and extension. That extension was approved in the 6-1 vote of third reading.

Council passed first reading to some changes to the PDD-20 and UDO related to signage. The changes to the PDD-20 was specific to two lots that will be part of the Promenade shopping center. It changed some of the formulations on size of signage that will be on the walls of the businesses.

The original Ordinance No. 798 stated that the maximum sign surface area (excluding freestanding sign surface area) permitted on any building in a commercial district shall be one square foot of sign surface area for each linear foot of frontage for each designated lease area located within in the proposed commercial component.. The applicant is requesting a new calculation based on the linear feet for the retail wall sign surface area for their tenant space.


Location:  This site is located on the north side of Jim Wilson Road and Highway 521 in Indian Land, South Carolina.  The proposed site will be called the Promenade at Carolina Reserve and developed for a retail center.

The council approved that on first reading 7-0. The council also approved a change to the UDO that dealt individual lots for sale signs. “Such Signs may be no greater than 4 square feet in a residential area and 4 feet in height in a residential area and no greater than 16 square feet and 6 feet in height in a commercial area.” (underlined text represents the additions).


The next County Council meeting will be on Monday January 22nd, 2018 at 6:00 pm

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