County Projects Updated

Updates to some of the current Lancaster County Projects presented at County Council on Monday.

Tentative plans on expanding the Lancaster County DSS facility are in the works. Schematic have been drawn to expand the office space in an ADA compliant fashion. Budget is $75,000 and the current plans keep cost within that budget.

Efforts to find a site for the new animal shelter in Lancaster are underway. No site has been selected, and recommendations are to wait until and architect is hired and can develop a plan that could be used to evaluate land needs. Efforts are underway to secure an architect for the project.

The roof and windows are due to be refurbished in the next couple of weeks at the Historic Jail in Lancaster. Current efforts are on schedule for project completion by July 30th of this year. The county is still awaiting some approvals from Columbia related to the exterior, but those are not expected to impede the process.

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