Moving Forward in Faith to Build the new Playground


File Jan 08, 9 38 57 PMThe Kershaw Community Park Council members Beverly Timmons and Frances Moreland addressed the Kershaw Town Council at the Special Meeting on Monday night. The net effect was to secure an agreement to provide $20,000 to purchase four pieces of equipment, if the contractor will issue a letter agreeing to reimburse 20K, if the KCPC does not raise the required funds for the playground.

KCPC is seeking the purchase of the equipment this week, so they can stay on schedule for constructing the Playground the week of March 13th, 2018. If the equipment is ordered, it can be installed so the Playground can be constructed around the pieces.

Mayor Dorman was firm in his concern that KCPC present the letters of commitment for the $325,000, that KCPC must raise for the project to begin. “If you can present with letters that show you have commitments for the funds, you can build as soon as you present them.” Dorman said. “I am willing to give you until May 1st to raise the funds.” He was able to agree to the 20K amount, provided, KCPC can present a letter from Play by Design guaranteeing reimbursement, if equipment is not used.  Town Council voted unanimously to approve the 20K amount with the conditions stated.

Timmons was adamant that they will have the funds by February 28th, 2018. “If we have the letters, can we begin construction the week of March 13th?” She asked. Dorman replied that whenever she presented her letters, he would be glad to sign off.  “Be aware that if you do not raise the funds, we will have to take another direction.” Dorman added.

The issue of the demolition of the existing Playground was raised. Plans were to begin the first of the year, but the cold weather put efforts on hold. The removal of the Playground will begin shortly.

Frances Moreland used time during citizen’s comments to highlight the fundraising history and the way the funds were used. “The one thing we have not been able to fund has been the bowling lanes.” She reported. She could connect the large number of people and agencies that have been significant in the improvements over time. “In the State paper, three Kershaw area attractions were named, 40 Acre Rock, Carolina Motorsports Park, and Steven’s Park. All within a 60-minute drive of Columbia. We are moving forward on faith.”

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