New Traffic Pattern at Andrew Jackson starting January 3rd 2018

There is a significant change in entrance to AJ that will begin January 3rd, 2018. The entrance to AJMS will be closed until at least the end of February 2018. This will mean that ALL school traffic will enter through the High School Entrance, and loop around the High School. The High School students will proceed straight for drop off, and the Middle School students will turn right at the corner of the football field and drop off at the side of the Middle School.

The change is to allow for construction in anticipation of the new Multi Purpose Building. Basically, new parking areas must be constructed, so the existing lots can be removed.

With the numbers of vehicles, please plan ahead for possible congestion. Below is a map put out by the district and a post by Brian Vaughn.


“December 21, 2017
Dear AJ High and AJ Middle Parents:
As you know, we are in the midst of a large amount of construction at the AJ High and AJ Middle school complex. We are in the process of building new parking lots and a state of the art multi-purpose building that will serve the AJ area. With this progress comes some imposition and at this time we are forced to close the middle school drop-off and pick-up entrance for about two months. It is the hope of the contractor that the AJ Middle School entrance can be reopened some time near the end of February. When students return to school on January 3rd please be aware that all traffic in to and out of the AJ complex will use the high school entrance.
AJ Middle traffic pattern:
AJ Middle traffic will turn in to the complex at the high school entrance and will travel to the bottom of the hill and then make a right and then circle the entire building at AJ High. Once they have circled the building the traffic will take an immediate right beside the football stadium fence line through the parking lot to now what is the current bus loading area. At that point staff members will guide vehicles in to the bus loading area for the pick-up and drop-off of students. No students will be dropped off or picked up anywhere except for the bus loading area during the two months road closure.
Please be mindful that in the mornings school buses may intermingle with traffic at drop-off points and that school buses will have precedence in drop-offs over vehicles. In the afternoons there will be an established line where car traffic must stop before entering the pick-up area. Buses will be allowed to park and pick-up in this area first. After all buses have been loaded staff members will open the lanes for car rider pick-ups. We understand that this may be a challenging pick-up and drop-off scenario initially but we hope with the cooperation of parents and staff members that we can make it go smoothly and safely.
AJ High traffic pattern:
AJ High drop-off and pick-up will follow the same traffic pattern that is currently used. All AJ High traffic should circle the building in the same direction as the middle school traffic and take the inside lane and drop-off near the front of the school like they are currently doing.
Thank You,
Bryan Vaughn”

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