81 Families

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Community Volunteers ready for the families to arrive.

Waiting in the Flint Ridge Baptist Church Activity Building were 81 bicycles, and many overflowing tables of Christmas toys. A room full of volunteers arrived at 7:00am on Saturday Morning to take care of 81 families who registered for the event.

The volunteers were from the surrounding community and local churches. The youngest volunteers walked with an adult volunteer and as the parents picked out an item, the youth ran the gift to a group who wrapped each gift and applied a label.

Each child received two new toys, two gently used toys, and a filled stocking. Each family received one bicycle. KARE provided items that could be picked up in addition to the toys. Each family will receive a certificate for a ham, and flour and sugar.

Kelvin Hinson, pastor for Flint Ridge, was very pleased with the turnout of volunteers and the generosity of the community. “This not just our church, but for various churches, and many community members.” He said.

The families arrived two at a time every 15 minutes from 8:00am to 6:00pm. While the Gym is full of toys and bikes, the hope is to help as may people as possible. The initial year saw 16 families helped, who knows how many will be helped next year. One thing is certain, on Sunday, many thanks will be given for the ability to serve, and the work for the 2018 event will begin.

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