DIY Solar Filters for DSLR and Phones

The shot at the top of this article was shot with the Iphone mentioned.

With the solar eclipse comng in just few short days, time for ordering screw on solar filters has passed. What to do? Make your own. You don’t have a DSLR, just a phone, DIY.

Here is how I created in 15 minutes a solar filter for my cameras.

2017-08-15 09.30.16

Take a small piece of cardboard and cut a circle the size of your lens opening

2017-08-15 09.30.21

Use your hood to draw a circle for the outside diameter

2017-08-15 09.31.22

Cut to the outside dimensions

2017-08-15 09.36.35

Glue the cardboard ring to the solar filter material

2017-08-15 09.40.28

Cut out the circle

2017-08-15 09.41.42

Hot glue to the lens hood

2017-08-15 09.43.18

Using a bit of scrap solar material, cut a piece to fit over the camera lens opening on your phone

2017-08-15 09.43.25

Make sure it covers the opening

2017-08-15 09.47.21

Place under your protector and over the camera lens

2017-08-15 09.52.03

In no time I made filters for all my cameras


Test shot with DSLR and solar filter. 

File Aug 15, 10 09 11 AM

Test shot with filter on Iphone

An extra pair of solar glasses can provide filter material for your phone. A piece of welding glass can be used as well.

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