Kindred Soul

This story is more personal than many I write. At age seven, I walked past a playground. On our family walks, I would always run into the playground and play, this day I did not. Maybe it was a different street or different playground, but I walked right past. My parent knew something was wrong, and got my vision tested. I was legally blind. Most people have 20/20 vision which means what you see at 20 feet is what I see at 20 feet. Mine was about 2100/20. I had to be within 20 feet of what you could see at about a half a mile.

I learned to navigate by memorizing the cracks in the sidewalks. I could see the dark SDP_3220.jpglines. In talking to Landon Bryson this past weekend, he said those words. “I see some light areas.” I knew than that I would be able to relate to him.  Landon is a seven year old Buford Elementary student who is blind. He was one of the featured singer at Singing in the Park in Kershaw on Sunday.

Landon did not have an accident or any injury that cost him his sight. He was born with a genetic mutation that lead to his blindness. His is different from mine , but both of us were born with a problem.

If you think that blindness stops him, you are wrong. He is adaptable. When I wanted to take the picture above, he said quickly “Just let me know when you are taking the picture”

Adapting means you make the best of what is given to you. Landon started music lessons two years ago. He is perfecting his skills.  I am pretty sure he plays the piano better than I ever could.  I was fitted with glasses and then contacts at age ten. Landon is proceeding without correction.

Below is a link to a Live Facebook Video of him singing in the park

Video of Landon

I think of Landon as a kindred soul, not because of our blindness. but because of his spirit. He could sit back and let the blindness rule his life. Instead, he has chosen to adapt, and flourish. At 7 years old that is not a simple choice. Whatever your impairments, you have two choices. Be overtaken or overtake. Go Landon!

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