More than meets the eye!

When I was small, like the young man to the left, i remembered going to the street fairs SDP_0465in the fall. Relocating to South Carolina, I was introduced to the spring festivals. This last weekend was the annual Red Rose Festival in Lancaster, SC. It started Friday evening and continued on Saturday. If you have not been to the Red Rose Festival, you have missed out.

There were the usual items and attractions you would find at any of the area festivals. There was something more to this festival. That something is not just a particular ride or food available. It is not even the giving away of books for free to any child attending.

The music was appealing to a wide range of attendees. Genres ranged from shag to a Prince tribute band, and a mix of other styles. The food vendors were the common vendors that show up at many festivals in the area. The kids zone was a basic layout of four major rides with a magic show. A dunking booth looked very desirable to passersby who were sweating in the heat.

SDP_0884Yes it was HOT, Southern Hot!



The dog show on Saturday morning was a hit, with many cute fur babies on display.

The people who came to Red Rose smiled and smiled. There was lots of fun to be had. It felt like a family reunion. Lots of hugs were given, and reunions of people who knew each other occured. Conversations set the streets of Lancaster abuzz.

The atmosphere created focused on enjoyment, that was it,  just enjoyment. The City of Lancaster let the event be the draw. There was not a pressure to increase business sales or getting people into local stores.  The give away of books was done with little attention to the sponsors of the books. Yes, the banners related to who was sponsoring the event and specific venues were visible.


The evening ended with fireworks. Crowds were satisfied, and smiling at the end of the day. The Red Rose  Festival was an unqualified success.  Joe Timmons and the See Lancaster staff, Lancaster Preforming Arts, The City of Lancaster and the attendees together made this event a reality and something to attend again.

When I was a boy, I loved the festivals that were fun, that kept my interest, and let me have a day away from the daily troubles and trials of life. This festival was all of that.

Hand me that hot dog and scoot over young man, I want to relax a bit .

Just a Bit More about That- David


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