Passing of the Guidon

The Guidon of the Volunteer JROTC has been passed to the new Battalion Commander. In an orderly and precise transition of command, the current leaders of the Volunteer Battalion pass the Guidon on to the new leaders.  The AJ JROTC held it’s award event at Andrew Jackson on Monday Night. Proud parents and friends sat anxiously awaiting the parade of officers and enlisted into the AJHS auditorium.

On stage, stood JROTC field Commanders in full dress uniforms.  The remaining students sat in rows facing the stage.The flashes from cellphones greeted the students as their AJJROTC 006name was called. The proud family captured those special moments when their loved one crossed the stage. Capturing that moment in time, when the student earned another ribbon for their uniform.

Ranging from the precision of maintaining the uniform, to academic standard, to physical endurance, students were called to the stage. Each name to receive recognition for the demonstrated skill and ability. Polite applause was given to each student, and the families maintained the decorum of the proceedings. There were no sudden shouts, outcries, or whistles that interrupt graduations. This night had that military importance to it. Students side stepped down the line of officers shaking hands, and then walked back to their seats in quiet and crisp movements.

A common theme expressed was that the JROTC is student lead, and run. The leadership is from within the students. The instructors guide and operate as sounding boards for the leaders, but do not tell them what to do. That was evident in the actions of the students this evening as they managed the event.


What comes across as you watch this ceremony, is that JROTC is more than just a group of high school students carrying the flag at football games, but the developer of character in future leaders of our world. Thirty years from now, will these young people be our senators and congressmen? Let’s hope so.


HUA! Just a Bit More about That- David


Yes, Sergeant Lambert, HUA! (respectfully from a former Airman)

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