Homeruns Galore

Update: I did not do as through a fact check as I should have. AJ beat Buford on March 24th 4-2. So my statement that they had not beaten Buford was incorrect. I have Struck thru the incorrect line. 

The Andrew Jackson Lady Vols traveled to play Landrum. The Lady Vols hit 4 homeruns in the 6-3 victory and advance to the SCHSL Class AA Upstate Championship.  They will play their rivals, the Buford Yellowjackets for the title.  AJ will have to beat Buford, not once, but twice on Friday.  The playoffs are double eliminations, a team is not eliminated unless beaten twice. Aj has lost the one time. Buford has won all their games.

At Landrum High, AJ pitcher Morgan Hendrix lead the LadyVols to victory by allowing only seven hits and three runs. She struck out nine Landrum players. The Landrum pitcher, Cox, allowed 11 hits, six runs and 2 walks. Cox only struck out four AJ players.

The highlight of the game was three homeruns. Abby Brewer and Morgan Hendrix got one each in the second inning, and Cassidy McKittrick blasted one out in the third inning.

In the second inning, Morgan Eason walked, and Haley Vincent landed a single allowing Eason to advance. Kinley Killough hit a sacrifice that advanced Eason and Vincent. Kaitlyn Holden hit a single and brought Eason home for the RBI.

Hendrix hit a single in the third. Savannah Small found a double in the 5th. Vincent hit a single in the 6th inning. AJ started to score again in the 7th inning. Small hit a single. Kinsley Adams landed a double that advanced Small to third. Cassidy McKittrick hit a fly and Small scored. Brewer hit a single to bring Adams in for the score and earned an RBI.

This team is battling for every run and each victory. The road to this playoff has not been easy. Friday they will face a huge challenge. They have not won against Buford all season. So, to have to beat them Friday, not once but twice might seem impossible. The key word is seem. I would not count them out. I believe in the team. They have the heart and skills and determination.

The weather is forecast to be thunderstorms on Friday. The games will be at Buford High School. Come early as this is bound to be a well attended series of games.

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