The Equivalent of a Soundbite

I got to thinking after a softball game recently, that there is much more than I could submit in my article, that could be said about the game. The stats are firm facts. Yet what was lacking was the feel of the game. How did the players react? How could I describe in 300 words the essence of the game.

As writers we use the simplest and most direct route of language to convey our information. As a photographer you try and capture the essence of the moment in a way that tells a story. Both are about reducing and concentrating the information stream to a equivalent of a soundbite.


This picture is an example. Action is happening, and you can tell some of the story. A moment is time.  What else would you want to know? How pivotal was this moment? Did they win? How did they win and what was the impact of the result? What did it sound like? What was he weather and who were they playing?

I think it is fair to say that there is much about a softball game that is not reported in a 300 word article.

I will admit that I had some inspiration from Mandy Catoe and her blog in which she publishes some of her stories from the Lancaster News. I differ from Mandy that mine will not be expanded articles of what I have already submitted, but original content. A fresh story that shares Just a Bit More about That. -David


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