Month: May 2017

Kindred Soul

This story is more personal than many I write. At age seven, I walked past a playground. On our family walks, I would always run into the playground and play, this day I did not. Maybe it was a different… Read More ›

Passing of the Guidon

The Guidon of the Volunteer JROTC has been passed to the new Battalion Commander. In an orderly and precise transition of command, the current leaders of the Volunteer Battalion pass the Guidon on to the new leaders.  The AJ JROTC… Read More ›

Homeruns Galore

Update: I did not do as through a fact check as I should have. AJ beat Buford on March 24th 4-2. So my statement that they had not beaten Buford was incorrect. I have Struck thru the incorrect line.  The… Read More ›